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Christmas abbott nascarChristmas jumping up and down on the beach after finding out she made the pit team. Michael Waltrip Racing team without ever changing a tire in a race. The most recent race Abbott appeared to work in a race was for a noncompetitive Truck Series team during February Speedweeks at Daytona International Speedway. Bullard was prompted by CrossFit to hold a talent search. She has been able to change two tires weighing 60 pounds each and is working towards an astounding time frame of 12 total seconds. Six weeks ago I got a flat tire and it took me 45 minutes to change it. It was highly fitting that she paid her dues while working for a female driver. Daily News will require new users to register to the site using full names in order to comment on stories. There are more eyes on Michael Waltrip and NASCAR now because of this. Abbott has provided encouragement to other women that aspired for such a job but never had the motivation to try it. She even has a tattoo in memory of her experiences there. Now a fellow female trailblazer is poised to do the same from the pits. NASCAR is more popular than professional sports such as baseball and hockey. ABC News is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites. Shaun Peet told ABC he thought bringing on a woman was a publicity stunt at first. What led Abbott to find her passion was a knack for the popular workout program CrossFit while she lived in Iraq with her mother. CrossFit would set Abbott on the course towards changing her life. Virginia native says she loves the pressure of changing tires. United States soldier introduced Abbott to the concept of CrossFit . The Adobe Flash Player or an HTML5 supported browser is required for video playback. Monday with the iconic final player in baseball ever to wear No. The mom and daughter duo worked as general contractors in a military laundry zone. Real Sports and was also featured as a model in the periodical Inked Magazine . Abbott has proved that she both and joined a pit crew as the first female ever in NASCAR history.

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