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First country to celebrate new year 2014Eve celebration which comes to an end with descent of a huge crystal sphere in blow of midnight. The first time zone which New year will announce, it is simple to the West from time Line of demarcation. Bamboo stalks were filled with gunpowder which were burned to create small explosions, were once used in ancient China to drive away evil ghosts. Vehicles in east Taiwan and which between Taiwan and islands are less convenient. Press a row in a table to change your location and local time. Yes in Greece we really celebrate new year in the same way, as other part of the world. Please, help to improve this section, adding quotes to reliable sources. Candles are lit near buildings as a way to conduct capricious alcohol home. India where the essential community of people of the Chinese origin exists. Other actions include fireworks of lighting and granting money in red paper envelopes. This section needs additional quotes for check. The Chinese New Year’s traditions include elements which are symbolical rather deeper value. The majority of dinners of reunion also shows a municipal hot pot as it as believe, shows association of family members for food. Within the Chinese New year usually wear clothes, mainly, display of red color or bright flowers because once was considered that the red could frighten off evil ghosts and misfortune. Some believe that the second day – also birthday of all dogs, and you remember them with special pleasures. The Chinese New year also is celebrated among the considerable Chinese emigrated community which lives in the country. From previous Gregorian year the Chinese dates of year from January 1 to that day in new Gregorian year remain invariable. Day – a case for the Chinese families to gather for an annual dinner of reunion. Dusun Tatana in Kuala Lumpur Penyu also celebrate the Chinese New year. Waxed meat is so chosen because it – traditionally the main method to keep meat during the winter, and rondelles meat is reminded by coins. Buddhist cosmology who resembles the Jade Emperor.

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